We at Tefen Metal Castings are an on-growing profitable company with efficient management. Decisions made and implemented fast, no bureaucracy. Short lead time for first article and production.


We give a total solution to your needs from design through cost reduction to finished product or complete machine assembly, ready for installation in your systems.


Our highly motivated, talented caring teams of skilled workers are supported by state-of-the-art CNC machinery and technology. Customer's needs are met by the staffs innovative way of thinking, guaranteeing a quick response to any demand.


CAD Technology implementation

Multi DNC application, managed by the ERP system, distributes SolidWorks CAD designed model to the precision machining centers.


ERP implementation

Production process controlled by stable ERP system at all stages, due to HP servers and up-to-date end user stations implementation. Access to the ERP data managed by internal security authorization system.